2020 Quick Tips: How To Clean A Garbage Disposal

Are you dealing with the food scraps or leftovers in the kitchen? Do you find it annoying? Food waste is organic, and if not handled carefully, its decomposition can cause health problems. Millions of microbes start to feed on that organic food leaving it a rotten and bad smell. Personal health and hygiene both are affected by that decomposition process.


Hence, it is very critical to find the most convenient way to get rid of food waste in your kitchen. With modern advancement and convenience, thanks to the ability of garbage disposal to grind food, which is small enough to fit into your drains and doesn’t clog them.


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In the blog below, we have curated a list of the best ways to clean garbage disposal at home.


1. Cleaning the Evident Portion of the Garbage Disposal


Pour a decent amount of dishwashing soap into a scrub brush or dish wand. Scrub the noticeable part of the garbage disposal. Try to be specific and attentive to the joint where the rims of the disposal meet the sink. Doing so prevents the growth of mold that grows by feeding on the food particles and debris that gets stuck behind even after a water rinse. For expert garbage disposal repair in Kansas City — look online


2. Soak the Housing


Often it is advocated to run the kitchen faucet when you manage the garbage disposal. This method helps your disposal to cast aside all sorts of food debris trapped in the housing. If you ever notice that your garbage disposal smells bad, then maybe, it is time that you give your disposal a thorough cleansing.


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Firstly, stop the sink drain, fill the basin with water till halfway, and then add a bit of vinegar or dish soap. Then, unplug the drain when you activate the clogged drain. The water will push that vinegar solution or soapy water through the housing, getting rid of all the hidden crannies and nooks.


3. Extricate Slimy Residue


If you weren’t aware of the fact that kosher salt is a very harsh but effective cleaner that can be used to dislodge the residues that are slimy. For this, you need to firstly, pour big ice-cubes into the garbage disposal. Next, switch it on while you add on half a cup of salt. The combination of ice and salt grinds away the odor-generating residue. It is yet another and quick way to clean a dirty drain using some household items that you can easily find in your kitchen.


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4. Citrus Fruits


One of the economical ways that would help you to clean your drain and act as a deodorizer is citrus fruits. So, if you are having trouble cleaning your garbage disposal, then grab a lemon, grapefruit, or orange; you can try grinding a few peels, even the entire fruit. Pour the mixture into the sink basin; scrub it with a scrub wand or a hindware cleaning brush. Not only will it clean your garbage disposal but imbue your kitchen with fresh citrus fruit.


5. Regular Flushing


It is a fact that garbage disposal needs ongoing and preventive care. So, never wait for your garbage disposal to start disseminating lousy odor. So, when you are done cleaning your dishes, turn on the tap with a thick stream of hot water for at least a minute.


This time should be long enough to push forward the stuck debris from the disposal to the pipelines. This method is old-school that doesn’t require any extra material to clean up the mess and can be considered for regular cleaning. You can find the reliable garbage disposal installation in KC online.



6. Deodorizing Cleaning


If you are tired of trying the above-mentioned tips and nothing is working out well for you, then maybe it’s time that you need tough cleaning. For this, you will need baking soda and vinegar. Then, first of all, you need to remove the rubber flaps and pour half-a-cup of baking soda into the drain of your garbage disposal.


Fill up the whole drain till you. There is not any scope for adding more. Then, pour half-a-cup of vinegar into the drain. The vinegar naturally kills bacteria and works as a deodorizer. You must allow the solution to sit for about one hour. Rinse it with a thick stream of cold water, and you will have a brand new garbage disposal.


7. Deep Cleaning


If you notice that lousy odor persists, then you can change the rubber clamp with a stainless steel clamp. Also, maybe it’s time that you consider cleaning your garbage disposal thoroughly.

For this, you should first run hot water for about one minute. Then by using a wrench, disconnect the garbage disposal from the pipe that connects it further.


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Place a bucket underneath the tube and rubber cap to clasp spills and runoff. Run hot water on the garbage disposal till the water level reaches the top of the drain (you don’t require to fill it to its entirety). Then, add about half-a-cup of powdered oxy-bleach to the drain. Allow it to sit for one hour. Rinse it with cold water.


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