Furnace Installation Kansas City

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Furnace Installation Kansas city

Furnace Installation Kansas city

Upgrade heating and cooling system in Kansas city today.

Better Service Inc has been installing heating and cooling systems in Kansas City for 18 years and We have never seen utility prices rise to a level as they are now. With a high efficient furnace, We can get your heating costs below what they were before cost started rising. HVAC Equipment purchased will come With a 10 year parts and labor warranty. We have service agreements starting at 120 a year.
You'll See Increased Energy Savings. One of the most prominent features of a high-efficiency gas furnace is the electronic ignition technology.
You Can Get Government Rebates. In addition energy savings, investing in a more efficient furnace also makes you eligible for government rebates.
It's More Environmentally Friendly and Longer-Lasting. Because more efficient furnaces reduce waste, they also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ...
It's Safer. These furnaces don't have to run as long as regular furnaces, meaning less combustion time. In addition, the airflow is better regulated, so combustion becomes a safer process.
high efficiency a decade ago are now considered standard efficiency. If you are considering a high-efficiency furnace, here are some of the benefits they provide.

Higher Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE)
Annual fuel utilization efficiency also referred to as AFUE, is the annual output of heat that is put out by the furnace compared to the amount of fuel required to operate. Most standard-efficiency furnaces carry an 80% AFUE. This means that 80% of the fuel it consumes is directly being used to heat your home while the remaining 20% is being discharged via the exhaust. A new high-efficiency furnace today can reach an AFUE of up to 98.3%. With only 1.7% of the fuel being wasted, they require much less gas or electric energy to warm your home. This results in lower energy consumption and lower energy bills.

Sealed Combustion Chamber
A high-efficiency furnace, particularly a condensing furnace, uses sealed combustion to bring air from outside through an intake pipe. This component of a high-efficiency furnace is different from a standard-efficiency furnace that uses open combustion, or the air inside the room where the furnace is located.

Why Is This Important?
Open combustion in most cases works fine. However, there are circumstances where the furnace is located in a basement or crawlspace that is not sealed or insulated properly. This can result in a backdraft and carbon monoxide can be released within the air inside your home. With a sealed combustion chamber, you will not have to worry about this issue.