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Whether you need 24-hour service for your kc plumbing, hydro jetting, emergency plumbing or have a clogged drain, need a sewer camera inspection, sump pump, sink drain, discharge tube, cover plate, sink flange or a broken garbage disposal with or without issues with power cord or with your electrical outlet. If you attempt to install a garbage disposal don't forget to install the dishwasher drain hose knock out the plastic plug and use plumber putty, the mounting assembly is typically stainless steel, when considering fixing issues with plumbing beneath the sink. We service many different types of types of garbage disposals to handle your food waste. We are a plumbing company that cares to do a good job and install a garbage disposal you'll get the quality repair or installation service you need from Better Service, Inc. We have a very affordable average cost, and Our team has over 50 years of combined experience, and we're committed to eliminating your plumbing issues for good.

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Licensed, bonded and insured, Better Service, Inc. is the company to call when your pipes aren't flowing how they should. We have the skills and equipment to rid your residential or commercial property of plumbing, electrical and HVAC problems.

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Better Service Inc Kansas City Plumbers are highly trained professionals. We arrive fully equipped, clean with booties and proper attire. We will thoroughly clean the work away before leaving and work and your satisfaction are guarantied100%. We have service agreements available to keep your shower valves, faucets, toilets, garbage disposals, sewer lines and water heaters operating and running at peak efficiency. We have several options to choose when selecting any of our Preventative Maintenance Programs.
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If you've ever tried to replace a faucet, install a sink or replace your garbage disposal then you know it's a job better left to the pros

Better Service Inc Kansas City Plumbers are highly trained professionals arrive on time, provide you with great installation options and complete the job to your specifications. Plus, with our No Surprise Pricing, the price we quote is the price you pay.

Our Kansas City Plumbers will arrive fully equipped, lean with booties and proper attire. We will thoroughly clean the work away before leaving and all work and your satisfaction are guaranteed 100%. Min
Keep your toilets, faucets, garbage disposal and water heater operating at peak efficiency with our Preventative Maintenance Program. Never worry about a repair again.

Better service inc 6 Tips for home owners

Moving into your first home is the best feeling ever! Although it comes with a new sense of freedom, being a first-time homeowner means that you must take care of everything from plumbing to cleaning. While most new homeowners find it exciting to learn things such as painting or installing flooring, they seem to always overlook plumbing basics. They only come to realize later that plumbing is one of the areas that can cause sleepless nights. While you can always call a plumber to take care of any problem with your draining system, simple things like knowing how to turn off the water until a professional arrives can prevent water damage. For those who have just purchased new homes and know nothing about plumbing, apart from turning on the shower, here are a few tips:
Schedule an Inspection
If you want to be in the loop with all plumbing and heating issues, you must start your new life in your new home by scheduling a plumbing inspection. Since most plumbing essentials are hidden from plain sight, professionals can show you where every essential item is located and provide you with a list of things that need maintenance or repair. They will also educate you on the things to look out for that will let you know if there is a potential plumbing issue.
Locate Your Home's Shut Off Valves for Both Water and Gas
The most crucial plumbing tips that any homeowner should learn first, are where the shutoff valves for their homes are located and how to turn them off. It would be detrimental if you started searching for a shutoff valve when water or gas has already started leaking. Knowing how to shut water and gas off from the main valve will ensure that a small issue does not become a catastrophe.
Invest in a High-quality Plunger
As a new homeowner, your first plumbing issue will be clogged drains, toilets and drains. However, if you have a high-quality plunger at your disposal, this will be a non-issue. This powerful tool can be used to suck up water and dust particles from any blocked drain allowing you to enjoy free-flowing wastewater in your toilets, bathroom drains, and sinks.
Learn What Goes Down the Garbage Disposal
It would help if you were careful what you put inside your garbage disposal. When hard substances find their way into the drainage system, they can cause a massive clog that can cost a pretty penny to unclog. Some of the things you should not put into the garbage disposal include rough bones, starchy vegetables, pasta & rice, non-food items, oil, grease, and fats.
Prevent Frozen Pipes
If you reside in a place with an extreme climate, you have to know how to protect your pipes from freezing during winter. It is crucial to ensure that all your outdoor pipes are winterized before the cold weather hits. Make sure that all outdoor pipes are covered, and the garden pipes detached. Frozen pipes can crack and burst open at any time, causing flooding in your home.
Have a Plumber's Number on Speed Dial
Although this might seem like a marketing strategy for plumbers, you must have an emergency number on hand since you never know when the next plumbing issue will arise. Ensure that you get the phone number from a licensed, insured, and high-qualified plumber who is available 24/7. When emergencies hit, they can give you heartache if you don't have a reliable plumber on speed dial.
Don't sweat it out looking for plumbers to solve your heating and plumbing issues, follow these tips and Contact Better Service Inc to enjoy the highest level of expertise and professionalism.


Normally, water flows forward from the city water supply system into your home. In Kansas City backflow is the 'backward flow' into the public water supply. This can be caused by either back pressure or back siphonage of your plumbing system. If water flowing backward contains hazardous chemicals, toxins, or bacteria, this can cause a very unhealthy and even dangerous situation for many people.
Your garden hose is actually the most common cause of backflow. For example, let's say you're watering your garden with a pesticide applicator attached to the hose. It can create a drop in water pressure in the supply system that causes a vacuum. This vacuum will pull the pesticide-laced water into your home & possibly your neighbors. The next time you or your neighbor's turn on a faucet, the water could be laced with toxic chemicals. Water pressure drops are not uncommon, it also can happen while a crew repairs a broken water main or firefighters put out a nearby fire.



At Better Service Inc, we are specialists in Kansas City backflow testing and prevention and we can perform an evaluation to determine which backflow prevention device is best for your home's plumbing system.
Once our skilled plumber has installed the backflow prevention device in your home, water will be unable to flow back into the public water pipes. The backflow prevention device creates a closed plumbing system, keeping the water you and your family uses for cooking, bathing and drinking from becoming contaminated with bacteria, chemicals, and harmful toxins.




Needing to rooter your plumbing and sewer lines happens from time to time; especially when company is in town. If you notice the need to rooter more frequently, or are having trouble with backups, it could be a sign that there is a larger issue at hand. Our expert technicians are able to identify the root cause to all of your drain problems and offer you multiple solutions that will last longer than your typical rooter service.


Many homeowners don't know that there are some major differences between their mainline and main stack. We have separate departments that handle each. When you're having a backup in your home, being able to differentiate your mainline from your main stack could save you time and money.
Your mainline is a horizontal pipe that runs under the ground and outside the home. It carries your home's drain water to the sewer system or septic tank. Your main stack is a vertical pipe that runs from the roof to the bottom of the home. It typically has a clean-out that leads to the mainline. If you think you're having issues with your main stack,


Your Kansas City mainline, or, main sewer line is a crucial part of your home's plumbing system where all your household drains lead. This line then connects to the city sewer line or a septic tank keeping your house clean and free of wastewater. However, this line can clog causing major problems such as flooding and damage.


The most common culprit are the roots of things such as trees or bushes. These roots seek water from inside the sewer line. They can actually cause damage and breaks in the line so they can get the water inside. If they block the line too much, then the line gets clogged. Even if you snake out the roots, the rate at which they grow back can be less than a week! Another problem could include broken or collapsed pipes that are old and worn down causing a backup. There is also the possibility that the clogs can come from improper use of drains such as putting grease, trash, or large pieces of food down the drains.


If you think that your mainline is clogging, you should stay away from any backup or smells. The odors that come from sewage are made up of carbon monoxide which can be toxic to you and your family. It is also important to stop using water until a technician is present as it could be making the problem worse and accumulating in the basement.
Common signals of a mainline clog are:
•Water or sewage backup
•Sewer odor
•Gurgling noises in drains or toilet
If you notice any of these signs that your mainline could be clogged, call Better Service Inc and schedule an appointment to clear the line and locate the problem today.


Our Kansas City main sewer line technicians use sewer drain snakes to break up clogs and open the line. However, a clog like this is a sign of a more serious problem. Snaking a main sewer line is only a temporary solution and can be hard on your pipes, but we offer multiple options to permanently prevent roots from coming back. This includes a high-quality camera inspection that can locate the source of the clog. Call Better Service Inc today for more information.


You've heard the horror stories of heavy rains saturating the ground and getting into basements. Maybe you have even lived through one of these Kansas City disasters!
Ground water that gets in your basement from heavy rains or a high-water table near your home can be devastating. Water can cause mold, significant property damage and unsanitary conditions throughout your home. Luckily, there are ways to prevent these


Schedule an appointment with Better Service Inc before your water problem gets out of hand. Our automatic sump pump systems will reduce the risk of basement flooding by pumping away ground water. We even offer battery backup systems in the event of a power failure.
If you've got a sump pump problem or just want the peace of mind knowing that everything is in good working order with your existing sump pump, call us today. Our technicians are trained in the latest technology to keep your sump pump operating in top condition.
We can test, repair or replace your sump pump fast! That's why we're called, 'the local sump pump experts.'