7 Myths for HVAC And Plumbing Services - Debunked!

Today, while you can serve yourself with unlimited access to a plethora of information, there are chances that you stumble upon a misleading source, which can misguide easily. The case could be worse when it comes to heating, plumbing, air conditioning, and ventilation problems.


People follow their approaches to fix things, but it might be the best approach. Also, such shortcomings can lead to more significant issues in the future, which might be risky and can cost you a fortune.


Thus, you must reach out to the professionals for plumbing repairs and installations services to avoid any impromptu accidents that can risk lives in the facility.Here are seven common plumbing myths that need to be busted right away:


1) If the Doors Slam-Shut by Themselves - Your House is HAUNTED! 


This is one scary myth, but fortunately, it is just a myth! 

Most times, it is not a ghost; it is just an imbalance of airflow that can cause the doors and windows in your house to slam-shut. Logically, there is too much air that is being forced into one area and that air is being sucked out of some other area, causing the doors to be sucked-shutting. 

As Better Services INC. does not include services from GHOSTBUSTERS, so if we cannot fix the problem, then you might have a GHOST! We offer much better services. 


2) Small Water Leak— No Big Deal!


This very myth is false! According to EPA standards, even a small leak can lay a path to 10, 000 gallons of water per year from a single household. You imagine the loss! Not to mention the damage being caused to faucet in the small leakage process. One more hazardous here is that it could because mold and force wrought the wood in your house/building.

water leakages

Small leaks seem trivial, but the loss in terms of energy and resources caused by such leaks for 24x7x365 is colossal. Hence, be it small or big leaks, contact plumbing professionals in Kansas City.


3) Annual Maintenance is Not Needed!


50-60% of significant financial investments are preventable with yearly maintenance. You have to routinely check your heat exchangers for cracks or holes, and make sure that there are no holes in your venting that have eaten by rust. Also, don’t forget to check the joints, for they have not fallen apart. Again the scenario may seem trivial, but it can cause some unforeseen severe accidents.


4) Put the Lemons in The Garbage Disposal to Keep it Fresh.


This so-called ‘hygiene’ tip is advocated by so many people that you should put lemon in your garbage disposal to get rid of the smell or to keep it fresh. Freshening up of the destruction can be a case depending upon the type of garbage that is disposed into the disposal. Sometimes the lemon peels can cause problems. How? If your garbage disposal is not able to properly grind the lemon peels, they can result in the clogged drain in Kansas City — to which you are not looking for!

freshen garbage disposal5) Problems With Flushable Wipes


If you have been using flushable wipes unknowingly that they can cause flushable litter as one of the dangerous misfits. If you were not aware that these wipes are not biodegradable, they are not only hazardous to your drainage system, but also the environment. Not to mention the significant risk of clogging your drainage or pipeline. Here the bottom line is that you should be very careful about the things you dump into your garbage disposal. 


6) Tank Tablets


Well, everybody uses a tank tablet in their toilet flush tank, thinking that you are keeping it fresh. But, let us burst your bubble that this sweet dream of yours can turn into a nightmare. Let’s face the fact that nobody likes to clean the toilet. However, we are obliged to do so.


And, in trimming the process, people end up using tank tablets. Unfortunately, in reality, these tablets are bleach! Yes, you heard that right, and over the period, it can corrode your toilet-a great issue indeed! For fixing such issues or having alternate solutions, you can anytime reach out to the professional plumbing repairs and installations service providers.

plumbing services kansas city

7) Soap and Water on Faucets


This is a common situation that we face every day in our bathroom, and no matter how hard we try to avoid it, water on faucets just happens. And, it also seems very handy that every time we wash hands, we clean the faucets with soap and water! Why not —cleanliness is a necessity, and unless our method is not harming us, it is cool! But, in this case, if truth be told — this habit can corrode/rust the faucet. So, be careful while you follow some cleaning myths blindly.